Apppointment Information
Appointment Information

If you have an upcoming appointment with any of our doctors we ask that you read the below information, it outlines our procedures when it comes to your appointment structure, fees, appointment changes and prescriptions.

A printable version of the below information can also be downloaded here.

A copy of our standard registration form can be downloaded here.

Our friendly staff are always happy to answer any further question on 9792 1191.

Appointment structure
As we have many specialists working with us here at Silk it is always best to double check appointment structure details with our reception staff.
Usually for an initial appointment, the specialist will go through the concerns you have. Your first appointment can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your specialist and the complexity of your issue. Please also allow for waiting times and unexpected delays.
Some follow up tests and/or assessments may need to be completed and a follow up appointment to be booked to discuss the results. A follow up appointment can range from 15 – 30 minutes.

Usually, the receptionist will confirm the fee at the time of making your next appointment. If you are unsure, please feel free to call our office to confirm the amount.
We require for our accounts to be settled in full on the day of your appointment. We can claim directly to Medicare on your behalf once your account has been paid, however this is providing that you have previously supplied Medicare with your bank account details.
We accept cash, EFTPOS, credit cards (excluding American Express).
As we are a Specialist practice, we do not Bulk Bill unless specified to us by your consulting doctor. This decision is at their sole discretion and they are under no obligation to Bulk Bill you.

Appointment Changes
If you are require a change to your appointment, our receptionists will do their very best to offer you the next available and most convenient, however some of our doctors have long waiting periods and/or work limited days of the week. Please keep this in mind if you need to reschedule.
We ask that we received at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to either reschedule or cancel an appointment, otherwise a late cancellation fee of $50 may apply. As mentioned above, some of our doctors have long waiting periods and any opportunity to bring another patient’s appointment forward is very helpful, however this can only be done if we receive appropriate notice from you.
We send you an SMS reminder approximately 48 hours beforehand requesting you to call and confirm your upcoming appointment. If we don’t receive a call from you confirming the appointment, we will make attempts to call you directly, however, if we still can’t make contact with you the appointment may be cancelled and a $50 late cancellation fee may apply.

This $50 fee may also apply if you confirm an appointment but fail to attend. If you fail to attend an appointment our staff will attempt to call you and reschedule and a letter will be sent to your GP notifying them of your missed appointment.

What to bring to your Appointment
o  Your GP Referral (A valid referral is necessary to receive a Medicare rebate. A standard referral lasts 12 months and must be updated annually to continue receiving your rebate. It is always best to ask the receptionist booking your next appointment if your referral is valid.)
o  A Completed New Patient Registration Form
Your Medicare Card
Any past investigations, Xray films and/or cds, or assessment reports if available.
o  Some of our specialist also require some questionnaires to be completed before your first appointment.


If you require any prescriptions or repeat prescriptions, an appointment with your specialist is necessary. Please be mindful that your specialist may have a long waiting list and although our staff will do their best to get you an appointment ASAP, it is not always possible. It is best to keep track of when you may run out of certain medications and book in advance for a new prescription.
Replacement prescriptions for some medications require a Statutory Declaration to be provided. Please call our office for advice if this occurs.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 9792 1191 if you have any questions.


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